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On Tuesday 16 April 2013 Apr 15:51:17 Elliott Sales de Andrade wrote:
Following the create spec:

I guess this spec is new, since I don't see it on freedesktop's wiki.

Well, no, it's so old that it disappeared -- it was on the old create wiki which got deleted some time ago. 
People are working to put it up again.

/usr/share/create/brushpacks: global location for shared brushpacks. If a distro creates a repo package 
of a brush pack, it should be installed here.

/usr/share/apps/$APP/...: global location for application-specific brushpacks. Here the brushpacks 
bundled with an application are stored

My /usr/share directory is already subdivided by application-specific
directories. Why do we need the extra 'apps' directory?

Sorry, this bit was unclear -- basically a brainfart, a combination of what was in my head for krita 
(/usr/share/kde4/apps/krita) and what's actually present. It's a bit messy, like everything, but what's meant 
here is, the place where resources packages with an application are usually installed, system-wise.

$HOME/$APP_DATA_DIR/...: e.g. .kde/share/apps/krita/brushpacks: here the user installs brushpacks that 
she doesn't want to share with other applications

Hopefully this .kde bit is just an old KDE thing, because it'd be nice
if it followed XDG and was $HOME/.local/share/$APP.

That'll happen when KDE Frameworks 5 gets released and Krita gets ported to it. Or not -- I don't actually 
know :-) It's just where krita looks for stuff right now. Again, an example of an impementation detail.

* the toplevel contains a manifest.xml file that contains author, copyright and license information.

Shouldn't this be part of the brushpack? It seems like the directory
is "the thing", and the zip file is just a convenient transport.
* Say you install a bunch of zip files by extracting them to one of
the directories above. Now the manifest.xml is just for the last zip
file and you lost all the rest.

That's a good point. Mitch proposed that a brushpack always unpacks into one directory, with subdirectories 
-- maybe we should make that mandatory.

* Say you decide to move a brushpack from local to global. What do you
do with manifest.xml? Do you even remember it exists?
* Say someone makes a "super mega brushpack collection" containing
several brushpacks from different authors (which may or may not be OK,
but it depends on the license). I'd lean towards the brushpack authors
being the ones who require credit and not the collection author
(though the collection author might warrant some credit for finding
all the brushpacks).

* Allowed licenses are
        - proprietary
        - public domain
        - CC-BY-*

Isn't "public domain" kind of spotty in some regions? I thought that's
why CC-0 was created. IANAL though; things may have changed.

Yeah. it is... We had the same discussion at LGM, but we put in public domain because it seems to have a real 
meaning at least in some places, and in others, like Germany, it gets interpreted according to intention.

In the end, we took as our example.

Brushpacks should not be mixed: so no mypaint brushes and gimp brushes in one brushpack.

Depending on how many you download or create, this may or may not be
annoying. I don't really know the differences, so maybe an artist
wouldn't bother to create brushpacks for all three, but then again,
maybe someone would, and it would be simpler to distribute them all in
one file. Your first use case was a "single, complete package", after

Well, the idea is, we share the same format and structure so code needs to be written only once, but a pack 
is specific for a particular format. We didn't think it likely that people would create a pack with two krita 
brushes, two mypaint brushes and then some gimp dynamics settings, nor that an artist would go and create a 
set of brushes with the same effects replicated for different apps.

Boudewijn Rempt,,

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