Re: [Gimp-developer] Brushpack file format


Brushpacks should not be mixed: so no mypaint brushes and gimp brushes in one brushpack.

Why this restriction and why different internal formats and why such a complcated create folder format? It would be very simple to have a pack& create forder structure that allows for both mixed packets and for each app only handle what it can/need...

something along the lines of:
/coolpack-cutes/shared/* - resources in common formats - svg, png, gif, whatever, as long as the format isnt app specific, pehaps subfoolders by resource intended use...
/coolpack-cutes/mypaint/* -stuff in mypaint format, acceptable to mypaint and dictated by mypaint
/coolpack-cutes/gimp/* - stuff in gimp format, following gimp resource structure, subfolders for brushes, dynamics, etc
/coolpack-cutes/krita/*- stuff in krita format that only krita can understand

and same structure in create/ resource folder.

So, if  gimp starts supporting mypaint, all it needs to do, is dig into shared mypaint resources in create. Same goes for krita and for say mypaint getting a brush engine that lets it read gimp resources...



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