[Gimp-developer] Bug with sliders


I found a bug with the sliders in scripts. Is this a known bug?
I wrote a little script-fu to make it easier to understand and to show how the bug is annoying. (see an attachment)

If you change a value with the sliders (step_inc), the value displayed is not the one that will be used in the script.
e.g. 10 + 10 will be 10.31390135 + 9.865470852 = 20.1793722
e.g. 10 * 22 will be 9.865470852 x 21.52466368 = 212.3509421
This even if you choose no digit after the point.
Fortunately, there is no problem with the arrows or with page key (page_inc) or by entering the value directly.
I hope yous will fix the bug because scripts-fu do not work properly.

- My OS = Windows XP SP3 (x86 Family)
- Parameter type in question = SF-ADJUSTMENT
Widget argument = step_inc Increment/decrement value (= 1 in my script)
Widget argument = SF-SLIDER or 0

I opened a topic on http://registry.gimp.org/node/27472

Best regards


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