Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp-developer-list Digest, Vol 12, Issue 31

> That is the new (GIMP 2.8) default behaviour that irritates Gino. IMHO
> would be great to let the user choose its preference, use one general
> size default for all the tools or default to the tool default size. An
> option in the preference or in the tool options should be created on
> purpouse.
> bye
> --
> Marco Ciampa

I did not mean to give the impression of being irritated about this
new feature, although I have to admit it leaves me a bit puzzled. More
than anything, I was interested in being informed whether it was a bug
or not, before going and submitting in vain that issue at the Bugzila
GNOME site. However, through your clarification, now I know for sure
that it is not a matter of a bug. For the rest, I agree with you about
the convenience obtained by equipping the GIMP with that option you
perfectly described. Unfortunately, I myself am not yet so skilled to
operate on the source code, but maybe some developer (who thinks it is
worth it) might.

Thanks and regards.

Gino D

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