Re: [Gimp-developer] 2GB limit on Resource Consumption: Tile cache size

No, it is a 64-bit computer and a 64-bit build of Gimp 2.9, running
Linux (OpenSuse 12.2). It's just not a very new computer and doesn't
have a lot of RAM by today's standards.

I compiled Gimp using "--enable-debug" so perhaps the terminal output
that I'm seeing is only available if "--enable-debug" is used.

I can easily set the tile cache size larger than 2GB using
"Edit/Preferences/Environment, Resource Consumption: Tile cache size".
The problem is that when starting Gimp from the command line and then
setting the tile cache size to more than 2GB, I see a warning in the
terminal output telling me that the maximum tile cache size has been

The warning says that the "type" for the tile cache size is "gint",
which means 2GB really is the limit. At least on my system. To check
the maximum that "gint" can hold on my system, I added in a printf
statement in the lcms plug-in code that I'm working on, to print out
G_MAXINT, which turns out to be 2GB. See

As anything greater than 2GB exceeds the limit of what "gint" can
hold, I don't see how setting anything greater than 2GB through
"Preferences" actually gets you more than 2GB.


On 9/17/12, Liam R E Quin <liam holoweb net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-09-17 at 14:23 -0400, Elle Stone wrote:
>> While making changes to "Edit/Preferences/Environment, Resource
>> Consumption: Tile cache size", I noticed a warning when I tried to
>> increase the cache size to 2 gigabytes, or 2048 megabytes (terminal
>> output, Gimp 2.9, started from the command line)
> I take it that this is a 32-bit computer and  32-bit build of GIMP?
> If so, yes, 2G is likely the limit. On many 32-bit Linux systems there's
> also a 3G process size limit.
> On 64-bit systems you can set the tile cache size larger, at least on
> Linux systems.
> Liam
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