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Hi Paul

I send you an explanation which sent me Vitaly Lomov some months ago and I found very useful:

here is google translate from Russian I sent somebody. hope it helps:
Thank you for what you want to join the project
I'll Explain everything from scratch, but from memory. Somewhere there was a wiki for translators, but now there is only for developers.So ...
Source code translation is contained in the git repository. po / ru contains files with Russian translation. This is the standard .po files: row contains the English version msgid, msgstr must include Russian. If not, translate between the quotes. For editing you can use Notepad++. General Settings - UTF-8 encoding (Menu Encoding-> UTF8) and Linux EOL (menu Edit-> EOL Conversion-> Unix format) - must themselves be established, but in any case be sure. When you finish the file, you can send me or here, then we fill in the main repository. This is - the easiest option.

Now for the technique. As you see, you do not have any commands for translation, but if you want to learn it, read on.
The chain of tools for creating the final product - instructions for use in HTML, PDF, etc. - Works in Linux, so you need a Linux-shell. I installed cygwin on Windows, and additional packages. What packages do not remember all: DocBook, git, make .. If you have Linux, cygwin is not needed.

Here,, specified command git clone, how to make a copy of the code on your computer. By the way, would not hurt to subscribe. Newsletter archive (in googly) contains tips for working with files and useful commands.
Command (Linux)
mkdir gimp-help-2 # any name
cd gimp-help-2 # there will be a copy of the code
git clone ... # As the link
If you run the command
. / Tools / po / ru
we immediately see which files are transferred, and what does not. Now you can translate the local file, create a patch and sending pacht us. To create pacht, run
git pull - rebase # get an update from the main repository
git diff> patch.txt
And they went patch.txt.
In order not to run blindly, but to see the result of the conversion, you need to work with the make. I do not always work under Windows, so no guarantees. To run make, you need to create Makefile. To create it, run ./configure --without-gimp. This command checks the configuration of your shell and complain if something is missing. Usually in such cases you need to install additional packages cygwin.

Src subdirectory contains the english version of the instructions, and he also has an official. This text is edited in XML (translators usually do not do this) and the system generates DocBook from it:
Files. Pot
    a. po, but only with the English text from XML. . Pot contains the latest version of the English text. Po format. This file is created by the command "make pot".
Files. Po directory in the po / ru.
    Contain Russian translation as described above. It creates a team of "make po-ru". English strings are copied from. Pot file. If the British line has not changed, the team finds Russian translation for her. Po file and combine them. If a new line of English, it is simply added to the file for future translation. This file, and transferred us.
Files. Html in the directory html / ru.
    Website of the Russian translation, as in creates a team of "make html-ru". This command automatically runs "make pot" and "make po-ru". So you can check the correctness of the translation. You may have to manually copy the image from the images / C, and images / ru in the html / ru / images.

Read It contains a description of all the make command.

Maybe it would be more convenient to ask this questions at the gimp documentation mailist:

It's nice to see new people willing to contribute to gimp :)

Guiu Rocafort

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:50 PM, emitor <emitor emitor gmail com> wrote:

I am a very satisfied gimp user from Slovakia...and if is it possible I would try to make a Slovak translations for you...for us, I have some skills from translating subtitles. But I dont know where to start...I need some language files, because I dont know what to translate. Plese contact me asap ... thanks :)


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