[Gimp-developer] Shape layers for GIMP?

I've looked around and it looks like GIMP doesn't have anything like Photoshop's shape layers. Shape layers are really cool because they're a path tied to a normal layer whose purpose is simply to ummask that normal layer. Photoshop then gives you a live preview of what that unmasked layer looks like when the path is closed, and automatically updates that preview as you edit the path's nodes. In addition, Photoshop offers the option to apply layer effects live (updated each time you edit the nodes in the shape layer's path).

Although you can do this in GIMP, you have to do it all manually (create path, convert to selection, fill selection) so it's much slower and it isn't a "live preview". Are there any plans to introduce something like this for GIMP?

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)

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