[Gimp-developer] Reviving Tito (The menu search tool)


It's been a while, so I'm picking up a new thread. [See related links at the bottom]
I'm eager to contribute more towards Tito.
I'm willing to fix bugs and do chores.
I'll also be available for discussions on IRC or here.

Here's the thing:
-I love Tito, I've been using it very often.
-Quite a few people on the web seem to like Tito.
-About a dozen (people who pulled the source and built it) have tried it.
-Tito merges softly with git master.

From our earlier discussions on this, guiguru had objections to its usage.
A lot of people on IRC, inclusing mitch, really liked it.

From a recent discussion on IRC, schumami said it would be nice to share my usage experience.
So, here it is.

[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:12:05 PM] <schumaml> so... does it improve or hinder your progress when learning to use gimp?
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:13:03 PM] <schumaml> i.e. do you have the feeling that you're using it to find commands you think you could have accessed quicker without it?
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:13:09 PM] <srihari> schumaml: improve.
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:13:52 PM] <srihari> i think it helps me find commands faster.
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:14:32 PM] <srihari> I use shortcuts for most on-canvas stuff... like cropping, selecting, etc
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:15:10 PM] <srihari> For applying filters, using some plugin, opening recent file, I use tito.
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:15:46 PM] <srihari> I also use tito to quickly bring up the error console, bring up preferences menu...
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:16:09 PM] <srihari> show/hide the scrollbars, grid, rulers, etc
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:17:27 PM] <srihari> I use the mouse lesser with tito.
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:18:11 PM] <srihari> So, I woudn't say its earth shattering in terms of the leverage it gives to get faster, or learn faster...
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:18:35 PM] <srihari> but it is definitely useful. increases my productivity.
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:20:56 PM] <schumaml> I'm pretty sure guiguru/guihipster would be interested in a descriotion of your usage experience
[Tuesday 04 Sep 2012] [10:21:24 PM] <schumaml> *decription

You can
git checkout -b tito
git pull git github com:ssrihari/gimp-tito.git tito
to try out Tito.

Do you like Tito? (Try it out! :) )
What features would you like in Tito?
Do you think it's got potential to be a part of GIMP?

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Srihari Sriraman

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