[Gimp-developer] Text tool: language input field


I was checking a bug in the Text tool and found the language input field. This raises some questions for me:

1. The 2.8 release notes tell: 'This helps with choosing an appropriate font, or appropriate glyphs for the selected language.' Are there plans to combine it with setting the input direction (like the LTR and RTL buttons in the text editor), assisting spell checking and hyphenation like in Photoshop or anything else?

2. It is meant to select a language and implemented as a pure text input field with autocompletion. This has some disadvantages: - The user has always to use the keyboard to enter a language. Mouse and pen are not supported. - The user doesn't see the set of available languages at a glance. He/She has to take the hands off to the keyboard and type a few letters. That breaks the workflow. - A similar task, the language selection in Edit/Preferences/Interface is done in another way - it uses a listbox. Because of this I suggest to use a listbox here, too. This can be complemented with autocompletion, if possible.
Should I file a bug report or an enhancement request for this?

3. I found out, autocompletion works on Windows, but not on Mac. In GIMP for Windows many languages are registered (see Edit/Preferences/Interface), in GIMP for Mac (an inofficial 2.8.3. build) only English[en_US]. So I'm not sure, whether this is a problem of the platform or how many languages are registered. Can anybody tell me more about the background or should I file a bug report for this?

4. The online help doesn't contain a description. Is somebody already working on this topic or should I file an enhancement request?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards,


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