[Gimp-developer] Path stroking mysteries

- Make an ellipse selection
- Stroke the selection with a 2px solid line, and anti-aliasing checked in the Stroke dialog: the line is jagged (at least on my Linux 2.6.8 and 2.7.2, and on a Windows 2.8) - "Select/To path" and stroke the path with the same stroke parameters: the produced line is smooth.

Conversely, make a path, stroke it: the line is smooth. Create a selection from the path and stroke it: it is jagged.

That could be a bug (but I didn't find anything like this on bugzilla), but it has been around for so long that it could be a feature, and if so, what is the rationale?

Btw, I also looked for a PDB entry to stroke a solid line on a path and couldn't find any.: gimp-edit-stroke and gimp-edit-stroke-vectors use the active brush and this doesn't give the same squeaky clean results as stroking with a solid line. Did I overlook something? Otherwise, is there an explanation for the missing function? Oversight? Lack of demand? Lack of time? Deemed not useful?

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