Re: [Gimp-developer] Lack of TWAIN scanner dialogue

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, 13:11:57 +0200, Jernej Simoncic wrote:

That's strange, GIMP only supports TWAIN (and the WIA interface you're seeing is a TWAIN-to-WIA bridge provided by Microsoft).

Which GIMP installer did you use - from (also linked from, or Partha's? My installer will normally install a 32-bit TWAIN plug-in for GIMP (even on x64 Windows), because there are almost no 64-bit TWAIN drivers, and you should be able to use every TWAIN driver you have installed (both TWAIN drivers for my HP 5590 are shown, and a separate WIA stub).

I'm fairly sure I used Jernej's -- at any rate the digital signature is his...

I have just uninstalled all the Canon drivers and software, replaced them with the latest from their site, which are claimed to be suitable for W7x64, but no joy.

PaintShop Pro still shows both TWAIN and WIA, but The GIMP only shows WIA. I have just noticed that the WIA offering shows an annotation "(32-32)" -- using the 32-bit SysWOW drivers maybe?

I'll uninstall Jernej's 32-bit and put in Partha's 64-bit, see how that goes.


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