[Gimp-developer] Lack of TWAIN scanner dialogue

G'day all. Umm. I've just upgraded my entire system to an x64 box with W7HPx64. I used to have an x32 box with W2K Pro. I still have PaintShop Pro 6.2, but on the new setup I decided I need a better graphics package. I downloaded GIMP 2.8. Oh yes. I also have a CanoScan LIDE 70...

Aahhh, this isn't a criticism of The GIMP. It's more a reflection of how Microsoft is making things too simple.

In W2K (and also in W7) with PSP, I had (have) a TWAIN driver which lets me into the extensive ScanGear options box, with all sorts of nice shiny toys. But alas! with W7 and GIMP I'm stuck with the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) drivers, which give me just four -- count 'em! -- choices: Colour, Greyscale, B&W, and Custom Settings. The Custom Settings ain't anything to write home about.

Now I don't really have a problem with Microsoft making things simple, there are lots of folks who really don't need a mob of settings just to scan Aunty Jay's photo. OTOH, I (and I guess lots of others) really need that mob of settings, cos some of the stuff I scan needs special treatment -- and the only way I can get at Canon's many you-beaut options is in the ScanGear...

So, is there any way we can get The GIMP to give us acess to the TWAIN driver? This would really be peachy-keen if it can be done.

(Er, I've previously posted this in the GIMP forums, General:Lack of scanner dialogue, and at least one person appears to feel the idea has some merit.)


East Victoria Park
Western Australia

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