[Gimp-developer] 3 months of Flattr, a summary


three months ago, on 2012-07-16, the Flattr button on http://www.gimp.org went public.

Its corresponding Flattr thing had already existed a little while longer (since the beginning of June) to cater to a specific donation request.

We didn't expect much of a revenue. Not because no one would flattr GIMP, but the concept of microdonation itself: people can donate to as many things per month as they like, and the minimum amount to be distributed per user and month is only 2 Euros. So a few cents per click is what one can expect, and that would certainly fit the definition and purpose of 'micro'.

We were wrong.

In July, 76 clicks turned into EUR 56,40. In August, 192 clicks into EUR 149,08, and September brought 168 clicks and EUR 178,13.

These amounts are quite a lot more than expected.

To put them into relation to our planned expenses, I looked up plane ticket prices from Germany to Madrid - the location for Libre Graphics Meeting 2013, http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2012/2012/06/lgm-2013-dates-and-venue/ - and found them to be in the 170-200 Euros price range. So, about one month of Flattr revenue will pay for some contributors' tickets to LGM 2013 :)

There are 111 Flattrs for October, so far.

Many thanks to all users who donated, your contributions help a lot!

P.S. Some thoughts about Flattr

Our experience with Flattr has been an overall success so far. It is easy to use from an admin point of view, the inclusion of the button into our website was mostly painless, and the performance is beyond our expectations.

The button is going to stay on http://www.gimp.org and http://docs.gimp.org

However, our experience should not be generalized:

- we've only got one single thing, whereas the typical use seems to be lots of things - e.g. blog posts, podcasts, images, ...

- GIMP is already known and established, so it is not that surprising that there are Flattr users in our user base (no idea if new users joined Flattr due to our participation)

- three months is rather short, we do not know how this will perform in future

- we're not trying to make a living from the revenue

- we don't flattr other things yet (something that really should happen, maybe a set amount per month distributed to a few selected outstanding examples of art created with GIMP? [if we can decide about that efficiently ;)])


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