[Gimp-developer] XDG support and better Windows configuration path


just to inform that I have submitted today on the Bugzilla a patch to
set GIMP's configuration inside the system's config directory,
delegating this to Glib's g_get_user_config_dir().
I checked the exact code in Glib, so that I can affirm it will follow
XDG rules on any UNIX-like platform; and will go under the
LocalAppDataFolder under Windows.

This should satisfy Bugs 166643, 171171 and 164075.

Some people wanted to go further in XDG by separating pure conf (all
*rc files) from data  (brushes, dynamics, fonts, etc.), and even cache
data, etc. Though it is an interesting idea, my patch does not do this
right now. Right now all will go under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (just as
before it used to all go under $HOME).
But this can be done in a further step towards XDG later.

Also my patch does rely fully on g_get_user_config_dir(), which does
not differentiate any UNIX-like platform. Hence OSX will be following
XDG as well, though current code uses the user's LibraryDirectory,
which is likely different. Though I prefer to follow the XDG
recommendations, if OSX users absolutely desires to follow Apple's
habits, I perfectly understand, and this is easy to fix by making back
the same special-OSX behavior as before.

I hope this patch will go in! Waiting for any feedback or anything
that needs to be changed before merging. :-)


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