[Gimp-developer] Procedure for new patches

Hello all,

First I guess a small presentation is in order as a new member to this
list: my name is Jehan. I am working with an animator, in the optic of
creating an animation. And we are using Gimp for this (see
http://girinstud.io/ for our newly set-up website).

As a consequence, I have been working on GIMP code lately, hoping to
fix issues that my animator or I would encounter, and to add new
features. For this, I have set up a public repository at
git://git.tuxfamily.org/gitroot/gimpgirin/gimp.git (branch named
I have also just created my 2 first GIMP tickets, one is a bug fix
(Bug 685557), the other a small feature (Bug 685559).

As the HACKING file in the repo says "The best way to submit patches
is to publish your git repository and ask developers to git-fetch from
you.", I just wanted to be sure the procedure is the right one. Should
I rather make a new branch per fix/feature? Should I just give you the
commit hashes (as I did in these tickets) and you can pick just these
commits into the main repo? Do you actually prefer me to generate a
patch and attach it on the list or in a ticket?
Something else?
Thanks for all!


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