Re: [Gimp-developer] Re : Feedback from an ordinary user

El 25/11/12 10:57, Cristian Secară escribió:

That I know, but I was referring to Alexia's statement about anything
except XCF being destructive. That statement was about file format, or
so I understand.

If I crop something and either save as XCF or export as PNG (or other
lossless format versus the original), of course the cropping action
itself is destructive, but the file format makes no difference *in this
case*. Saving as XCF does not save also the original and an operation
history, for example, so what is the point in saying that export is
always destructive ?

Or maybe there is really something I am unaware of ?


Oh, I see. You're right, the cropping operation in this case is destructive, independent of the output format. A scaling operation, any filter to the image would be destructive too, and the XCF won't store the original data. However, as far as I know, this change (save/export) is one of the first steps towards non-destructive editing and in the future GIMP will store every action performed as a GEGL operation non-destructively. When that happens the images you open will be actually "imported" in the node tree, and from that point every operation won't be destructive, so storing the XCF (or whatever format GIMP uses at that point) will be the only non-destructive option, while the rest of the formats will be destructive.

That's what I understood from Peter Sikking's blogposts and from comments in this list and in the IRC channel. Please let me know if this isn't correct.


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