Re: [Gimp-developer] Patch and build for the save/export issue

On 23.11.2012, at 09:50, "Michael Schumacher" <schumaml gmx de> wrote:

>> Von: Simone Karin Lehmann <simone lisanet de>
>> a) Non-XCF non-JPEG images with only 1 layer can be saved via 'File -
>> Save' with the original file format. The dirty flag is cleaned and so 
>> there's no dialog about unsaved changes if you close it after saving. 
>> After exporting them, the image title and file name is not changed, so
>> that you can repeatedly save it as long as there is only 1 layer.
>> This is basically the same as 'Overwrite'
> This moves the debate to a later date, when every filter and operation used on an image will have become an op in a graph.
> Will "the image has only one layer" still be a viable criterion at that time?

From a developers point of view certainly not. From a users point of view, IMO, yes.

Having the user scenario in mind which I wanted to address with this patch 'opening - destructive editing in place - saving' is identical to 'opening - gegl op editing - saving - loosing the gegl graph'.

Whereas if an image has more than one layer it's far more evident that one wants to work non-destructive. So the criterion 'one layer nonXCF' is IMO still suitable to allow a destructive workflow.

Anyway, you can't totally prevent users from data loss as long as you support non-XCF formats and offer Export / Overwrite.

IMO it's all about finding a trade-off between 'restrictions to prevent data loss' and 'allowing common user scenarios'. 

Simone Karin

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