Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request - grow/shrink selection with mouse wheel.

On 22.11.12 at 8:33 pm Jeff Maples wrote:
The title says it all.  I think it would be a convenient feature to be
able to grow/shrink/feather selection by holding down a key and moving
the mouse wheel.

Any thoughts?

Hi Jeff,

there's no feature request necessary for this. You just have to bind mousewheel events to the appropriate Select commands:
1. Open Preferences/Input Controllers/Main Mouse Wheel
2. Click on the button 'Configure the selected controller' in the lower middle of the dialog. 3. Double click the event you want to bind, for instance Scroll Up (Shift). The dialog 'Select Action for Event ..' will pop up. 4. In the Action column click on Select and the desired command (in your case select-grow, select-shrink, select-feather)
5. Confirm all open dialogs.
The changes apply immediately.

Kind regards,


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