Re: [Gimp-developer] Selling GIMP Creations

El 22/11/12 11:14, Caitlin escribió:
Hi there,
I was just wondering whether it would be okay for me to sell images and any products (which materials created in GIMP have been incorporated into) that I’ve made using GIMP? The images etc used would originally be my own, however, there may also be some circumstances where the entire “image” is created in GIMP (i.e. without a photograph or anything used as a base/template).
Thank you so much for your time – much appreciated!
Kind regards,

You own the artwork you created with GIMP. You can do anything you want with it.
The license of GIMP doesn't affect the works you create using it, it only governs what you're entitled to do with the software itself, and it's a very permisive license that lets you get the program for free, share it with your friends, inspect the code and modify it (if you can) and distribute those modifications, as long as you distribute the source code along with the executables.
That license (the GNU GPL) grants you rights and some obligations regarding the program, but your creations are not covered.

So, feel free to sell or give your products away. It's up to you and if you made it with GIMP (or any other free/libre software) doesn't change it.


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