Re: [Gimp-developer] Feedback and personal comments about Gimp 2.8

> Von: Vincent Cadet <v_cadet yahoo fr>
> IIRC I started with a blank profile but I don't exclude I did that by
> accident. Look, I'll wipe out my current profile and check again to make sure.
> (I'm currently not able to do that right now but in a couple of hours.)

Please don't do that. Wiping your profile in order to solve problems is similar to cleaning up a crime scene to make it more cozy for the cops; you'll destroy evidence that can be crucial to determine whether there might be a bigger problem than a configuration setting.

See for what I have in mind. You can save the settings there once, or have them saved on exit. I'm not 100% sure if this saves the tools per device (have to get back to my tablet to try it myself), bvut at least it is an option to try.


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