Re: [Gimp-developer] Dynamics


 Sorry, I saw the mail during the weekend but was a bit too busy to
immediately reply. All dynamics apply as a multiplier to some base
value - usually on what is set by the sliders. so there is base size
and a dynamics driver, say presure velocity or direction alters it.
Most dynamics applications only make the value smaller -  there is
only one exception - spacing. spacing is varied between set value and
sliders maximum value.

Direction is one of the trickier dynamics drivers. It's easyest to
understand when mapped to angle, but can be useful with others as
well. Each angle of movement relative to paper is given a direction of
motion value as a fraction of the full circle. I can be used to
emulate a lopsided brush for example, strokes one direction can be
much thinner than in the other.


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