[Gimp-developer] Sorry to Hi-Jack this list but we we have a need for Gimp or Photoshop style tools in our application

Sorry to somewhat hi-jack this list…


We are looking for a partner to help us add some Gimp or Photoshop tools to our application. Are any of the developers that have experience in this interested, or can you point us toward a developer/programmer that does?


We have a Sketch Composite tool that creates composites in grayscale. Currently it uses the basic MS Paint toolset.


We are looking for simple paint tools plus a few more advanced ones like a smudge or blend tool, stamp tool, and clone tool for our new version that is in development. So a small subset of tools.


Another option is to have our app export or connect to Gimp and let the user edit it in the application. Has this been done? I know Adobe has a connector but cannot get anywhere with them.


If you have any info for us we greatly appreciate it. We are having a hard time finding qualified individuals to help with our application.


Best regards,


John Corder

Identi-Kit Solutions





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