Re: [Gimp-developer] file open and create

> El 31/05/12 04:31, peter sikking escribió:
>> we can discuss again how Create was named (I was involved, so it ain't half bad); it was to not to have New... and under it New > (with a submenu).
> What about "File > New from... > Submenu"

well, the ellipsis is forbidden for a menu item that just shows
a sub menu (it is the law, and they are right, I say).

then this has to be looked at always with the submenu next to it:

> from clipboard
> from webpage
> screenshot
> xsane device dialog
> xsane epkowa:usb:003:002
> xsane v4l:'dev'video0

you see that the from is in the submenu to have flexibility
whether something is created from a resource that is not
an image file (clipboard, webpage) or by initiating a capture
(screenshot, scan).

a more correct submenu would be:

from clipboard
from webpage
scan--xsane device dialog
scan--xsane epkowa:usb:003:002
scan--xsane v4l:'dev'video0

(the ‘--’ being an am dash, but this is monospace email.

but this discussion fragmentation takes the attention from
another point Liam made:

> Goal: I'm sure I'm not alone in finding file->open and file->create
> confusing, along with file->create->from webpage being different from
> File->Open Location, both of which take a URI... it's a mess.

ah, the difference between:
file->create->from webpage and File->Open Location

same kind of confusion, no> between an open (location) from
an URI which opens/imports image files, and a new file with
a rendering (from webpage, a non image file).

is the root of all this evil for Laim that Create does not
express New file enough?


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            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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