Re: [Gimp-developer] Work for new contributors (news from 2012-05-04)

Conley Moorhous (conleymoorhous gmail com) wrote:
> I would like to start contributing to GIMP. I was going to start with an
> old enhancement request on bugzilla, but I don't know my way around the
> source code yet.

A good way to get guidance is to drop by in the #gimp IRC channel on
gimpnet ( and state your question.

It might take a while until someone reacts, but there are people out
there that know their way around in the code and are willing to help.

Some advice though: We generally frown upon "I have a question. Can
someone help me?" or "anybody here?"...   :)
Make sure to ask as specific questions as specific as possible.
This increases the chances on getting a reply a lot. 

Glad you want to help!

              simon budig de    

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