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El 27/05/12 18:10, Richard Gitschlag escribió:
Unfortunately that is the whole point of the distinction - "Save" is now intended strictly for XCF.  Me, I would like to see an option where instead of just displaying a message to "use Export for non-XCF formats" that message box should have "Export / Cancel" buttons to make the transition easier.

I think this is a great idea.
I'm a graphic designer and I can understand the difference, but a lot of home users I know will need some time to understand and use the new way.

This does, of course, mean that Exporting as a non-XCF file no longer resets the saved state of the image.  GIMP will now constantly ask you to "Save changes?" if you haven't saved an XCF copy (even in workflows where there is no need to have one) of the image.

And you do know JPG to JPG in general is not a good workflow to be using due to it being a non pixel perfect (lossy) compression?  (Okay, if part of your workflow involves resizing it to a smaller resolution then this alleviates the matter - I do it a lot myself.)

I understand this, but when you work whith JPG images to be used on a weblog or webpage, there are no need to use a high quality workflow (it is more important to have little image sizes than high quality images). So, working from JPG to JPG it is good, it is great!.

Sometimes I have 1024x1024 images, and I only need to open, aply level adjustment, resize and save. With Gimp 2.6 I only use 3 clicks (drop image, clic on levels, clic on close, clic on yes). Now I have to do more work to do the same.

If I want to use a quality workflow (for example to working with complex images with layers, mask, and so on) I will use XCF, SAVE and lately EXPORT. But when I only want to do a simple task, 100% of times, I only want to open, apply a litle modification, and close (overwriting the original file).

El 27/05/12 18:12, Alexandre Prokoudine escribió:

The fix will be available in 2.8.1.

Great new! ;)
I hope this version enter soon on Debian testing. :D

Thank you!
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