[Gimp-developer] Export issues


First at all, let me give you congratulations for your great work! Gimp 2.8 is the best Gimp version ever.

But I have some issues concerning new SAVE / EXPORT system.

The firs is about PRESETS. When I export as JPG and I configure the parameters, then I click on "Save prefs", but when I export as JPG a new image, the presets are lost instead I click on "Load prefs" button. This is a uggly thing who made me lost a lot of time and patience. :D

Another issue appears when open a JPG image, edit it and close.
Instead of saving the image using the same original formt and parameters, Gimp try to SAVE as XCF. If I want to SAVE, be sure I will clic SAVE. If I clic close (without saving) is cause I want to save the image exactly as I load it.

Are this things issues or bugs or there are some people who think this is the "normal behavior" of Gimp. I think could be a normal behavior of Gimp, but not a normal Human Behavior. :D

Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)

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