Re: [Gimp-developer] Export issues

> And you do know JPG to JPG in general is not a good workflow to be using due
> to it being a non pixel perfect (lossy) compression?  (Okay, if part of your
> workflow involves resizing it to a smaller resolution then this alleviates
> the matter - I do it a lot myself.)

Warning: Unless your crop is aligned with JPEG block boundaries
(generally 8x8 or 16x16, often 8x8 for the Y channel and 16x16 for the
Cb and Cr channels, starting at the top left corner of the image. I
don't know if GIMP uses 16x16 blocks at all when exporting. It may
stick to 8x8 for all channels?), cropping is a very destructive
operation, likely to increase file size significantly at equal
perceptual quality. It's even more destructive if the internal
representation is 8-bit (which of course is not the case with

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