Re: [Gimp-developer] Merging visible paths via scripts

On 25/05/2012 22.28, Ofnuts wrote:

I developped my first python scripts on Windows, but I must say that
switching to Linux (which I did for other reasons) greatly eased this
kind of work. In your first runs you weed out the synatx errors, but if
you run the script directly in Gimp you won't see much since the syntax
errors will even prevent it from registering... Take the habit to run
the script outside of Gimp; "python" in a command prompt,
if you have blatant syntax errors they will show then and be a lot
easier to fix. You can move to Gimp when it only complains about
importing "gimpfu" (if it gets this far the syntax is OK).

That's interesting. I will bear these suggestions in mind.
Thank you again.

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