Re: [Gimp-developer] feature: Set exclusive layer visibility within groups

  Richard Gitschlag wrote:

> I'm also missing two other possibilities in changing layers' visibility:
> 1) Only one layer can be selected at one time. It can be useful to make
> just a few layers visible while hiding the others. Could it be made
> possible to multiselect layers?

That is an unrelated question. As far as I know GIMP only allows one 'active' layer at a time because that is the surface that any drawing operations are applied to.

As long as drawing operations are the only operations in GIMP, this would be a reason. But there are other scenarios where a multiselection of layers will be useful: merging a few layers down to one without having to affect visibility of the other layers, copying some layers to another image, moving some layers into a layer group and so on. Yes it's a bit unrelated to your original problem. Maybe a topic for another thread if it's of enough interest.

It's a bit hard to understand what you mean exactly in your further writing. Can you write down a state chain, please?

BTW: AFAIK layer groups are still work in progress. At least layer masks are postponed for a later version. Filters don't work (yet) on layer groups, too (see bug #676768). Are there some UI specs for the handling of layers and layer groups? Maybe they answer all our questions and suggestions here. I haven't found them on, but perhaps I searched in the wrong place.

Best regards,


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