[Gimp-developer] application suggestions to evaluate tool options - input needed


as mentioned earlier a new UI design project has started under the
supervision of Kate and Peter with a focus on the Tool Options. The
current progress can be found on
http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Work_in_progress .

For the next step we are looking to evaluate GIMP using the user
scenarios mentioned in the link above, the scenarios are firmly rooted
in the vision described. Besides evaluating GIMP we will also be
looking at a number of (similar) applications and their use of Tool
Options or equivalant UI elements.

Of course we have some applications in mind, but we would also like to
hear from you what applications you think of if you think about
working with tools and manipulating their options in a graphics
manipulation context. Name the application and a short description of
how it supports and/or interferes with your workflow.

We will use the suggestions here as a basis for the list of
applications to be evaluated in this design process.

I'm eager to find out what you all come up with.


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