Re: [Gimp-developer] Quasimode Adjustments -- fastest adjustments [demo included]

Srihari Sriraman wrote:
A few more thoughts on the shortcut+slide: [...]

  * Numbers [0-9] (as in the demo) could be very good shortcuts.
    0-opacity, 1-size, 2-rate...9-xyz. One could simply look in the
    tool options for the shortcut key (shown against each parameter)
    corresponding to the parameter he wants to adjust.

  * *[...]*

  * *Gtk[Check/Radio]Buttons* could just toggle with the shortcut

So each parameter/option in the tool options has a number-shortcut irrespective of the slide-ability.

First of all: Yahvuu, this is great! I would like to see it in GIMP. Which editor did you use to create this? IMHO the numbers could be replaced by the well known concept of accelerator keys, for instance &Brightness (B will become underlined in the dialog). Unlike numbers they don't eat space, are also visible for the user and the user can keep them easier in mind like abstract numbers. But I guess, it was your main intention to show the principle and it's well done!

Best regards,


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