Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request: Improve the Open file dialog thumbnails

On 19.05.2012 19:25, Bruce wrote:

*1. Auto-show thumbnails. *
It would be nice if thumbnails were automatically displayed when looking
at files in the open file dialogue so that when you click an image, you
see a thumbnail.

This doesn't happen because of bug

With a file size of 1.3GiB reported for every file, you won't get thumbnails automatically because this is way over the configured limit for thumbnails.

*2. Ability to paste in a file path without having to click a button
(reducing amount of clicks from 2 to 1)*

You can just paste a path to this dialog (Ctrl+v)

*3. Inconsistency with file open dialogue when you first start Gimp and
haven't opened a file*

The dialog starts in the "Recently used" bookmark. That's a special folder, so I guess this is why there are no path buttons to navigate.


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