Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request: Improve the Open file dialog thumbnails

On 19.05.2012, Michael wrote:
You can just paste a path to this dialog (Ctrl+v) 

Indeed. The issue I was describing, however, is that in Windows (not sure about other operating systems) you have to click the "type a file name" button before you can paste in a file name. 

Most Windows programs don't require you to click anything before you can paste in a file path (I'm really into designs that require as few clicks as possible when extra clicks aren't really needed), but that aside, the bigger issue is that new Gimp users won't necessarily know to click that button to find the "paste a file path" functionality. 

They might learn eventually, but I feel it'd be a nicer experience for them (and experienced users, too) if the "paste in a file path" field was always shown. 

I made a mock-up design showing the current open file dialogue for Windows to show what I mean. I'm not sure how well it will show in the email. See if you can click through to view the full-size version:

Inline image 1

Ultimately I think it'd be nicer to have a drop down file-selector menu at the top that is more like the one in Vista. It lets you click the folders as buttons (like you can now in Gimp), but it's also a drop down menu allowing you to select many more folders (which would be new). I feel it's a fairly quick and intuitive way to navigate through folders.   

The dialog starts in the "Recently used" bookmark. That's a special folder, so I guess this is why there are no path buttons to navigate. 

Yeah, I see what you mean. 

As above, it'd be nice if it showed the "paste in a file path" field on that first-file-you-open dialogue, even if it did still start with the "Recently used" in focus (which is in the left column of the open file dialogue, if anyone reading this doesn't know what I'm referring to). 

* * * 

Another issue I just noticed with the open file dialogue (in Windows) is that when I click "Search" under the "Places" list (left column), I get an error:

Could not start the search process
The program was not able to create a connection to the indexer daemon. Please make sure it is running. 

Not sure if that's something to do with me and my PC, or Gimp. 

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 3:35 AM, Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de> wrote:
On 19.05.2012 19:25, Bruce wrote:

*1. Auto-show thumbnails. *

It would be nice if thumbnails were automatically displayed when looking
at files in the open file dialogue so that when you click an image, you
see a thumbnail.

This doesn't happen because of bug

With a file size of 1.3GiB reported for every file, you won't get thumbnails automatically because this is way over the configured limit for thumbnails.

*2. Ability to paste in a file path without having to click a button
(reducing amount of clicks from 2 to 1)*

You can just paste a path to this dialog (Ctrl+v)

*3. Inconsistency with file open dialogue when you first start Gimp and
haven't opened a file*

The dialog starts in the "Recently used" bookmark. That's a special folder, so I guess this is why there are no path buttons to navigate.


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