Re: [Gimp-developer] hesitant about compiling a list...

On 17 May 2012 16:19, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:
> a couple of days ago Bruce appeared on irc and we had a chat.
> (Bruce is now subscribed to this list)
> within a minute we were talking about whether GIMP has a list
> of known UI design issues. as far as I know we do not have one,
> it is certainly not part of


> - just thinking of what I can contribute to this list, I know
> that this list is _not_ going to be short. also because all the
> issues that I can put on it are ‘medium level to big-picture,’
> none of them are going to be trivial to solve. thus my hesitation
> is what this is going to make GIMP look like, and if the definitions
> of open worked where meant to stretch this far.
> - all of the issues that will end up on the list have been
> created by contributors to GIMP. some of these issues have been
> created 10 years ago, some of them last month. I wonder what it
> will feel like to GIMP contributors when something they just made,
> almost ‘immediately and automatically,’ (at least, feels like that
> to them) ends up on the UI issue list.

I support creating such a list. If we hope to solve these issues, and
keeping the amount of similar issues we introduce down, they need to
be visible for all to see. Being open is about transparency and
accountability. And it is just as important, or more, that we act in
such a way with respect to our problems.

Jon Nordby -

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