Re: [Gimp-developer] Targeted audience of GIMP?

peter sikking wrote:
gfxuser wrote:

the last thread reminded me of a question, which I had for some longer and I couldn't find the right answer yet:
Who is the targeted audience of GIMP?

since I am used to doing a briefing on this, for GIMP design
projects and also recently the start of a university usability
surveying project, I thought I could write some of that down:

Very interesting and thanks for your work.
What is 'hyper commercial'? Googling for it led me to a truck rental in South Africa ...*hmm* To me it seems the beginners or 'average users' are not targeted by this vision, are they? Or haven't they just been considered _yet_? To speak for myself, I'm doing graphical art and photo editing, but just for fun and in my sparetime. I wouldn't claim to be a professional. And I think there are a lot more people in just this situation. What would be the benefit for one 'like us' to contribute to GIMP? Will we/they benefit automatically from a redesigned UI?

Best regards,


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