[Gimp-developer] Cage-Tool performance


First of all it is a great tool! And I love it. but I found some strange behaviour, so before I start a new bugreport, I wanted to ask you, if this is a bug or just something that's got to do with my system (Linux Xubuntu)

First: when I made a cage and want to adjust the knots, I can't. I have to create a new cage. But when I create the cage new and close it, it cuts my picture into bits. The only way to avoid this, yet, is to restart Gimp and load the motiv new.
Is there another way around this?

Second: I tried out, whether I get a difference in making a cage closer to the motif or leaving a wider gap between motif and cage. Using the adjustment of filling the background with color.

Normally, the background becomes transparent, when I use the option, but when I create a cage on the edge of the motif, the background becomes filled with a part-transperent background.

I made some pictures of this:



Thanks in advance.


Anke Lange
An der Landwehr 25
49076 Osnabrück
Telefon 0541 6004299
gimp-werkstatt gmx de


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