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Hi Alexandre,
On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 10:40 AM, gfxuser<gfx user online de>  wrote:

Another dawn of hope is the GEGL porting matrix. AFAIK most of GIMP is
ported to GEGL, but there are still some open 'easy to do' tasks - the best
start for beginners. The matrix starts with the chapter 'How to port' -
which is empty. How is a beginner supposed to port anything?
Empty? No, it says "Missing info. You can help filling it :)" Which
means that...
This is the point. From a beginners point of view these two sentences mean just the same like an empty space. Is nobody there who knows more about porting to GEGL? Did all the code suddenly appear from nowhere?

It would also
be helpful if somebody regularly concludes some discussions of general
interest on IRC or the devlist and maintains an up-to-date list in the wiki. entirely possible, but requires someone to be around at all
times. I will, of course, do my best, but cannot guarantee either
24/7/365 presence, or full understanding of all technical discussions.
I appreciate your efforts and wouldn't expect you to be around everywhere all the time. I thought of two things anybody can do: IRC: AFAIK discussions in IRC happen in the evening time (CET). If sometimes discussions about certain topics of general interest come up (like repeating questions, repeated pain with used libs, maybe some GSoC students questions, upcoming release dates) it would be useful if someone from the discussion could drop a short, meaningful note about the results in the wiki. If all these questions have already been answered in the wiki, then it's ok. Devlist: as we currently see with your 'Wilber in the toolbar' thread, discussions can become very long. That's ok. As results grow within the discussion, it's later hard to find out a specific information quickly, if it's hidden underneath lots of postings. That's why a short summary at the end was useful. BTW this clarifies some questions for those who later implement something based upon this discussion.

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