Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp-gap in GIMP 2.8

Hi Daniel -

what specifically is not working in GIMP-GAP iin GIMP 2.8?

Since a grea deal of exfort is put in GIMP in order not to break plug-in API's,
regular GIMP-GAP shoud just work on GIMP 2.8, and if not, it culd be
reported as a bug on GIMP itself.

However, you might find it easier to get a pre-compiled version of
GIMP-GAP for your platform - GIMP-GAP,a s GIMP itself is developed and
presented in source code only - whoever packaged GIMP-GAP for your
GIMP 2.6 should make a release with binaries for GIMP 2.8 as well - or
you might simply build GIMP-GAP yourself from teh tarball. Actually, I
think even the same binaries could work - have you simply tried
copying the files from the plug-ins directory of gimp-2.6 to gimp 2.8


On 11 May 2012 20:55, Daniel Pinheiro Lima <danielpinheirolima gmail com> wrote:
> Hi developing people.
> First of all, congratulations for the excelent work in gimp 2.8. The
> software is amazing. Better than never.
> Now for the business. I'm working in an animation/comics, called The
> Detail Library project, since 2007 and we use Gimp with GAP to
> everything. So I was wondering:
> When we can get the GIMP-GAP for 2.8, if exist someone working on it,
> and even if (in the case of be an abandoned project) if exist some way
> to obtain the same resources in gimp. Can someone please help (with
> information, since we can still use gimp 2.6 for a while)
> The most used features in our project are:
> The "Next/Previous image", it makes fast the edition of multiple
> images, is better tha the tabs in sligle windowed mode.
> The Playback feature (crucial to animation). For pencil test is more
> precise than the actual "playback in the filter menus
> The "Modifier Layers" I belive the "BIMP" (Batch Image Manipulator)
> can replace it.
> The "Covert", according to the new export/save behavior must be
> adapted to a "export multiple files"
> So we are looking for this resources in gimp 2.8, any info about willb
> very helpful
> Thanks a lot and soory for the "caveman's english"
> Daniel Lima
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