Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC Questions

I'm not against stack or node UI because I want to see them both
implemented, but in this discussion I agree with Øyvind Kolås.

Stack UI documentation is not finished, for example how to do
decomposing to a given color model, multiple file export/save and
other operations that I also pointed out in comments on mentioned
blog post.

Node based UI is hard and a bit slow to manage, but in big and complex
operations it's much easier to work with, comparing to stack based

Stack based UI is clean and organized as a UI, so it's nice for fast and not so
complex work, but with bigger project it creates levels of overloaded options
that are hard to READ because of layered nature.
Why, because stack has only simple hierarchy. You can't see how it connects
with other layers if their dependency on each other is not simple "do one thing
at the time". Just like decomposing one layer it has many outputs, for RGB there
are three, so at the same time there are 3 different operations, that are
independent from each other. If there is many operations like that it ends up hard
for human being to track all of them.

I'm sure node based UI could be designed good and in my opinion it should be
part of stack based approach documentation from the beginning, so they could
co-operate in future seamlessly.


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