Re: [Gimp-developer] IE10 Compatibility (Microsoft) (Ref# 679773)

Hi Charles

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 08:02:41PM +0000, Charles Ikeomu (MP Tech Consulting LLC) wrote:
> Reference #: 679773 Description of the Problem: Application fails to
> display the content of IE webpage while grabbing web page through
> screenshot
> Expected Result: Contents of webpage should be displayed properly
> while grabbing webpage through screenshot.  Actual Result: Contents
> of webpage are not displayed while grabbing webpage through
> screenshot.
> Developer Notes:  The application can solve this problem by first
> getting the DC of the desktop and then cutting out the portion
> covered by the IE window.  We use this exact method for grabbing
> screenshots for our DRT
> Please let me know if you have an estimated timeframe to address this
> issue, and if our team can further assist in this process.

GIMP is a free software project. Anyone can write code and contribute
modifications to it.

The source code for the Windows screenshot plug-in is here:

If any of your developers who have diagnosed this problem are willing
to help fix this issue, please ask them to contact us in the #gimp IRC
channel on  We'll provide instructions on how to compile
GIMP for Windows, and they can then modify the screenshot plug-in's
source code to fix the problem. This would be the most straightforward
thing for you and us, as you have the environment to reproduce whatever
bug you are facing.

Kind regards,


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