[Gimp-developer] Gimp.org IE10 Compatibility (Microsoft) (Ref# 679773)

Hello Web Administrator:


I am a Program Manager with the Ecosystem Engineering team at Microsoft. I am writing to notify you of a compatibility issue with gimp.org on the Internet Explorer 10.


On February 29, Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows Consumer Preview. The Consumer Preview provides a great opportunity to begin testing your websites against the new environment featured in IE10. This environment includes a single HTML5 browsing engine that powers two browsing experiences: the new Metro style browser and IE10 on the desktop.


Call to Action:

  1. Download the Windows Consumer Preview
  2. Learn more about Internet Explorer 10, http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/
  3. Test your site using Compat Inspector - Microsoft’s new tool called that will help identify and resolve common compatibility issues
  4. While testing, make sure your site isn’t running in Compatibility View or else you may not see the problem.


Based on preliminary testing, the following compatibility issues have been identified with gimp.org:


Reference #: 679773

Description of the Problem: Application fails to display the content of IE webpage while grabbing web page  through screenshot


Expected Result: Contents of webpage should be displayed properly while grabbing webpage through screenshot.

Actual Result: Contents of webpage are not displayed while grabbing webpage through screenshot.


Developer Notes:  The application can solve this problem by first getting the DC of the desktop and then cutting out the portion covered by the IE window.  We use this exact method for grabbing screenshots for our DRT


Please let me know if you have an estimated timeframe to address this issue, and if our team can further assist in this process.


Best regards,


Charlie Ikeomu

Program Manager

Microsoft PC Ecosystem Engineering | v-charik microsoft com


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