Re: [Gimp-developer] Adjustment layer

2012/3/15 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com>

It is call node-based workflow. It has been in the visual effect industry for quite some time. I have been looking forward a node-based image manipulator and yet to be seeing a promising one. It is the defacto standard not only in the 2D area, but the 3D one. It's advantages: naturally non-destructive workflow, clearly described thinking flow, modularized (good for extended development), and I'm sure there are other ones.

For those who are interesting, you can have a look at the documentation of some marvelous packages.
One in the 2D image manipulation area call shake (Initially developed by Nothing Real and latter acquired by Apple, succeeded by the widely adapted Foundry's Nuke):
The Shake Design Scans by the original Shake author developer Ron Brinkmann:

The Foundry Nuke:
Nuke's user guides:

One in the 3D area call Houdini, developed by Side Effects Software. It's documentation on the official site:
Reference for Houdini's compositing (image manipulation) nodes:

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