Re: [Gimp-developer] Regular GIMP news; lack of developers

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 12:14 PM, Anke Lange wrote:
> hello list,

Hello Anke,

If you mail to the list, please mail to the list, not privately ;-)

> I had a look at the linklist on
> So I find it rather difficult to believe, that my website and community is
> not registered on, even though the gimp-werkstatt already exists
> for 7 years and is doing a great job on teaching the use of gimp to absolute
> beginners. I don't think gimpusers does exist for such a long time, so how
> did it make it's way on that list?

Since you're asking,

- has twice as many backlinks
- the Alexa Rank is twice better both globally and in Germany
- was extablished in 2006, only a year later after you
- the guy behind is active in the global community

What was your question again? :)

I never heard of before, but now that I've had a
look -- sure, I can add it.

> I believe, that there will be a lot of other communities that think this
> way.

They can think all they like, but if they don't tell us they exist,
nothing is going to happen. Even though the team is international, we
don't speak every language in the world yet and thus we rely on
feedback from local communities.

Once again, it's all about taking action. You emailed us, and now your
on my personal todo list. This is pretty much like bug reports.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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