Re: [Gimp-developer] Regular GIMP news; lack of developers

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 11:17 PM, grafxuser wrote:
> Hi,
> currently I see the news page updated round about one time per
> month.
> Why not tell the readers more often about GIMP's progress? Look at
> Nearly every week there comes a message, showing what's
> possible with Digikam and that the project is still alive.

More regular news will come when we have a proper news archival system.

> To show this progress for GIMP, you could publish
> - which features are done,

None in weeks.

> - which (severe or important) bugs where fixed,


> - who provided the most or best bugreports or bugfixes,

Information noise

> - which bug reports need more info (bugs in state NEEDINFO)

Information noise

> - which help is currently needed most (with specific tasks),

Text duplication

> - what are interesting or new plug-ins in the plug-in-registry,

Few, but doable

> - a feature roadmap,

Text duplication

> - a link to an interesting article on your website

A what? :)

> Besides this will save you from answering the same questions in the mailing
> list or chat room again and again instead of forcing development.

No, it won't

> Secondly
> you constantly update your release notes instead of having to do this big
> job before the next release and telling just a bit more, that there were
> tons of bugs fixed for a long time.

I didn't understand that one, sorry.

> Of course I know your website and your information are public. But who
> really wants to dive deeply in a web page, register at a data kraken+, read
> lots of mailing list postings, forums, Bugzilla reports, Git commits etc.,
> if he only wants to know _quickly_, if the project is still alive and what
> he can do for the project?

He only have to read the front page. It's that simple.

> IMHO, the idea to use G**+ is not too good.

Ca. 5K users who currently read it don't share your view.

> I hope you haven't planned to move there.

I fail to understand that one as well. How can we possibly move the
whole website there?

> On the one hand it's good to regularly post news. But on the
> other hand do people, who like to support you, not necessarily like to
> register at G**+.

They don't have to.

> The main entrance to GIMP information should be,

Which it still is.

> like one would expect from a non-commercial project called GIMP. For quick
> information rather use the wiki or a public forum at, please.


We kinda already do. No, really. We have a wiki. We maintain it.
There's a link to it. It gets visits/

> can also put the mailing list there and people can get in direct contact,

You mean we don't?

> too. RSS is IMHO a good solution


> Maybe you could put a link to on the front page.


> Also publish your news to news pages of computer and graphics designer
> sites (, Golem, Linux magazine, Deviant art, DOCMA etc.) and
> get in touch with their editors.

As far as I can tell, they do it on their own accord.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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