Re: [Gimp-developer] Google Summer of Code mentoring

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 11:22 PM, Ville Sokk wrote:

> I'm a student wishing to participate in Google's Summer of Code and I would
> like to implement dynamically resized layers. I contacted Martin Nordholts,
> the potential mentor on the wiki page but he said he does not have time to
> be a mentor. I would like some details, instructions or hints about
> implementing this so I could first of all write a proposal. I haven't
> participated in GSoC before so I don't really know how much you are supposed
> to help potential applicants but I hope there's someone who can provide more
> information than the short wiki description.

Well, mentors are mentors really. They provide the direction and
answer questions, but expect you to be learning fast, commincating
regarding road blocks you run into and, as Alexia pointed out, getting
the work done.

Test #1. Compile all of the prerequisites. You are supposed to have
build system working by the time coding starts and understand basics
of Git (checking out, branching, updating local branch from upstream,
committing, pushing).

Test #2. Study how the code is organized. provides an
overview. Feel free to ask additional questions.

Test #3. Pick a couple of minor issues from bugzilla (feel free to
discuss, which ones) and provide patches.

The outcome: both of us will understand if you are up to the task, so
that you don't quit the project in the future.

We use IRC as the main communication channel.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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