[Gimp-developer] Adding use-event-history to 2.6.12...is it too late?


 I know that 2.6.12 is the final 2.6 release, so this might come a
little late, but would it be possible to add this patch (
) to the official release.

 It fixes an issue with Gimp on Ubuntu 11.10 (and probably other
distros too) when using Wacom tablets, where at random times, a line
get's drawn to the edge of the canvas and back, from wherever you're
drawing. It's explained in more detail here (
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=661872 ). This actually
makes Gimp quite problematic to draw with in Ubuntu 11.10.

 It also seems to fix the issue that when you sometimes hit save, the
save dialog does not respond to input from the wacom pen, and you have
to click on the canvas and back to the save window to activate it
(happens maybe 1 in 5-10 times).

 I added the patch manually to the 2.6.12 source code from gimp.org
(MD5 =  9f876ee63a0c4a4c83f50f32fb3bbe63), and it seems to work just
fine, without introducing any other issues.

 Oh...if the Gimp Ubuntu maintainer is on this list, please add this
patch when you update Gimp to 2.6.12 in the Ubuntu repos. :)

 This seems to no longer be an issue in 2.7.* releases. At least I was
unable to recreate it there.



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