Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp-gap in GIMP 2.8

Hi folks,

Sorry to come back to this again, but now i've got a problem! Not everything is working fine with gimp-gap. i belive that i have found one bug. In the "frames modify" i can't access the "function" options. The only avaiable is the "Set Layer Visible".

I'm using GIMP 2.8 from the ppa:otto-kesselgulash (ubuntu 12.04)


2012/5/16 Daniel Pinheiro Lima <danielpinheirolima gmail com>
I just want to say that everything works just fine in the
ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp all resources I've checked in GAP are working properly.

Thank you Alexandre and João for the quick answer and thanks everyone in the gimp devel.

2012/5/11 Daniel Pinheiro Lima <danielpinheirolima gmail com>
Hi developing people.

First of all, congratulations for the excelent work in gimp 2.8. The
software is amazing. Better than never.
Now for the business. I'm working in an animation/comics, called The
Detail Library project, since 2007 and we use Gimp with GAP to
everything. So I was wondering:
When we can get the GIMP-GAP for 2.8, if exist someone working on it,
and even if (in the case of be an abandoned project) if exist some way
to obtain the same resources in gimp. Can someone please help (with
information, since we can still use gimp 2.6 for a while)

The most used features in our project are:

The "Next/Previous image", it makes fast the edition of multiple
images, is better tha the tabs in sligle windowed mode.
The Playback feature (crucial to animation). For pencil test is more
precise than the actual "playback in the filter menus
The "Modifier Layers" I belive the "BIMP" (Batch Image Manipulator)
can replace it.
The "Covert", according to the new export/save behavior must be
adapted to a "export multiple files"

So we are looking for this resources in gimp 2.8, any info about willb
very helpful

Thanks a lot and soory for the "caveman's english"

Daniel Lima

Daniel Pinheiro Lima

Daniel Pinheiro Lima

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