Re: [Gimp-developer] How to setup height of new GTK-slider-widget in GIMP via .rc file?

El 26/06/12 11:12, bart neeneenee de escribió:

Hi Alexandre,

thanks for your feedback. Of course this is at all a question of taste :)

IMO the different shapes are enough to distinguish the tools, so i do not need
colored icons anywhere.

Also take a look on the color related icons. Making them grayscale totally kills their meaning, so if you're new to GIMP you'll have a hard time figuring out what those icons are supposed to do (at least without clicking on them or rolling over to read the tooltip, and the idea of icons is not having to do that).
The icons affected by this issue are:
- Select by color
- Desaturate
- Color Balance
- Hue/Saturation
- Colorize
- Posterize
Also the icon for the threshold tool becomes quite unreadable.


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