[Gimp-developer] suggestions

Here are the suggestions:

1- When you are using the scale or rotate tool and try to insert a guide, it
doesn't close the tool.

You mean, the suggestion is to _not_ close thew tool? :)
Yes, that's it! I thought that could work well with my other suggestion, snapping the guides to the layer edges or center.

2-How about "snap to layer edges", which creates guides at all 4 edges of all layers. (See [1] )

Well, I thought of something that would not create guides... I know that there is an option to create guides in all 4 corners of the layer. I thinking in something that would not create the guides, rather give the ability for the user to snap in the corner he/she wishes.

3 - add the option to autocrop layers to their limits (the same thing like
when you do 'alpha to selection' then 'layers -> crop to selection')
whenever you change it.
To autocrop in which cases? Transformation tools already have that.
Well, I was thinking in something like this: If this option is enabled, the layer bounds will be the entire image if there is nothing on it. If there is a brush stroke, painting, or anything in the layer, immediatly after that gimp automatically crop the layer bounds to the limits of the brush stroke/painting or whatever. I am thinking in the behaviour of layers in photoshop, to be honest.

4 - add a checkbox button in the scale tool for scale from center. Maybe add
also a keyboard shortcut for it.
This is already in works and will be available in the new unified
transform tool, except it will be called differently. See
for reference.

Good to know it! Can't wait to see it done.

Thanks for the answers! I think the snap to layer border may be a good implementation. I will try to do the coding.


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