Re: [Gimp-developer] (no subject)

> Von: Ben Harrington-Ellsmore <adamantium248 hotmail co uk>

> Hi I have been trying to work out how to get Gimp to only show fonts from
> the user/fonts file rather than the vast amount of system fonts can anyone
> point me at the code section I need to start mucking about with?

Have you exhausted all other options already?

For example, have you verified that the directories are either present in the fontconfig configuration or have been added to GIMP's own font folder settings? Have you verified what font files are examined on the startup of GIMP?

Your mail reads like a textbook example from the Smart Questions guide (, in the way that it presents us with a single statement ('system fonts are not shown') and your conclusion ('must be something in the code'), without any additional information to first find the cause for the problem, and then decide how to fix it, that's why I'm trying to guide you into a different direction.

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